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Heard Around Town

"You definitely know which kids attend Sewickley Academy. They are more poised and respectful. They carry themselves differently. The school instills this sense of confidence."
~Member of the community

"Sewickley Academy students are well-spoken, articulate, well-rounded, and strong leaders."
~College Admission Director

"Sewickley Academy teaches children that there is a world beyond their neighborhood and gives them opportunities to explore and become involved in it. In the Early Childhood program, they bring the world to them."
~New Kindergarten Parent

“Although my husband and I both attended public schools, we found we could not resist all that Sewickley Academy had to offer our daughter. Some of the obvious reasons are small class sizes, a strong arts program, and the strength of the curriculum across the board. Most importantly, having been a teacher for 12 years myself both in private and public schools, I like knowing that SA teachers have the freedom to teach creatively and do not "teach to the test" to meet the criteria of a state standardized test. I love the intimate size of the school and the fact that pre-school through senior year exists on a single campus. There is a strong sense of community and connection among the faculty, students, and families.”
~Grade 5 Parent